About Us

We created the easyvetclinic for the sole purpose of making basic veterinary care affordable again. We can accomplish this because we do not offer the more expensive services found in full-service hospitals, like surgery, hospitalization, and radiology (we have relationships with other veterinary hospitals if a pet were to need such services). By focusing on standard, routine services and products, we save on expenses and pass these savings directly to our pet owners.

While we carry the most common medications for your convenience, we will always be your advocate for affordable veterinary care. We pledge that if a medication that will serve your pet's needs is offered more affordably elsewhere, we will write you a prescription for the medication. Making the pet visit affordable makes it easier for you, the pet owner, to bring your pet more frequently to ensure routine health checks. 

We all know that one year for a human is like seven years for your pet. Imagine only taking grandma to the doctor once every seven years, and you’ll understand the importance of regular checkups. With more affordable veterinary services, you can provide the care you always wanted to give your pet.