Our Team

Support Center Team

  • Tim Schoenfelder Chief Executive Officer
  • Rivers Morrell Chief Operating Officer
  • Christian Cumberbatch, DVM Director of Medicine
  • Tom Schoenfelder Director of Business Development
  • John Miller Director of Franchise Relations
  • Madison Scurlock Marketing Manager
  • Alysa Schoenfelder Business Development Manager
  • Nicole Clausen, CSSGB, CCFP, CVBL Director of Inventory
  • Dan McGuire Director of Real Estate
  • Lauren Seeger Project Manager
  • Jackson Baldwin Call Center Manager
  • Laura Baldwin Director of Marketing and Events
  • Patty Mitchell, CPA Bookkeeping Partner
  • Jane Kenney Marketing Partner
  • Dusty Miller Recruiting Partner
  • George Ewart Architect Partner
  • Summit General Contractor Construction Partner