The Basics of Pet Euthanasia

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The Basics of Pet Euthanasia

Putting down your pet is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will ever have to make. Euthanasia is often the last resort choice that is taken when a pet is suffering immensely, either from an injury or medical condition, with no hope of recovery. When pets are faced with crippling pain and low quality of life, euthanasia is often times the best choice to provide much-needed relief and an end to the animal’s suffering in a humane way. The process is quick and gentle, resulting in rapid loss of consciousness and eventual death. Once a pet owner has decided to proceed with pet euthanasia, there are many questions that will naturally arise. How do I get myself and my pet prepared? What is the process of euthanasia? Where do I go for euthanasia services?


How To Get Prepared

There are a few important things you must do before following through with your pet’s euthanasia:

  • Get mentally and emotionally prepared: After spending years with your trusted companion, saying goodbye can be a gut-wrenching experience. To cope with the grief, allow yourself permission to express it. Lean on loved ones for emotional support and remember the great moments that you were able to share with your pet. Realize that although physically your pet may no longer be with you, the bond that you created with your furry friend will last forever. 
  • Make time to say goodbye: If you have family and children who were close to the pet, explain the situation and what’s going on. Make time for those who were close to your pet to say their goodbyes. Losing a pet is similar to losing a family member so make sure that the family is emotionally prepared as well. 
  • Ask all of your questions beforehand: Schedule a face-to-face visit with your vet so you can get an expert opinion and guidance on how to handle the situation. Your vet will be able to help you decide if pet euthanasia is the best way forward.
  • Decide on the after-care: You will need to decide whether you would like your pet cremated or buried. There are different ways to deal with after-care services so deciding which option is the most appropriate for you and your family is important. 
  • Budget accordingly: Euthanasia services can be basic or extravagant. Know what additional memorial services you would like to include and budget accordingly so that you’re not faced with unexpected costs. 


What Is The Process of Euthanasia

The process of pet euthanasia generally consists of the vet giving a sedative prior to the euthanasia drug. In cases where the pet is having trouble breathing, the vet may decide that the sedative is not needed. Next, the vet will likely give a large dose of a medication called pentobarbital, a seizure medication that shuts down the heart and brain functions within minutes and is given via an IV injection through the legs. During the final moments of your pet’s passing, they may urinate or defecate and their eyes may not close fully. This can be tough to watch but it’s important to note that your pet isn’t in pain and is able to end the suffering that they’ve been going through. 


If your pet is in serious pain and pet euthanasia is something you’re considering but want to know more, you can find which easyvet locations offer pet euthanasia and find an experienced doctor who knows the process and can advise you on what your best options are moving forward for you and your pet. 

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