Laser Therapy for Pets

We strive to do whatever it takes to keep pets happy and healthy. To make that happen, we sometimes need to go beyond routine wellness exams and vaccinations and provide specialized care to help promote healing, ease pain, and enhance comfort. In many of these situations, we rely on the high-tech healing powers of a cold laser. We are thrilled to provide pet laser therapy at select easyvet locations and are excited to share more information about this incredible technology with our clients.

What is laser therapy for pets?

Unlike the cutting lasers that are sometimes used during surgery, the cold laser device used in laser therapy uses light to reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate healing. A focused beam of low-frequency triggers cellular processes deep below the surface of the skin. The process is pain-free and non-invasive and, in addition to boosting the body’s natural healing processes, it causes the release of calming hormones known as endorphins.

The benefits of laser therapy

The benefits of laser therapy are numerous and include:

  • Improved wound healing
  • Decreased pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Release of endorphins
  • Increased blood flow in treated areas
  • No known adverse side effects
  • Treatment is pain-free and non-invasive

Conditions that can be treated using laser therapy

Laser therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including:
  • arthritis
  • spinal disc problems
  • skin disorders
  • hot spots
  • ear infections
  • muscle sprains

Laser therapy for pets is also useful in encouraging healing following surgical procedures and is sometimes performed in conjunction with other treatment modalities, such as physical therapy.

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Accepting New Patients

Our highly skilled, friendly veterinary team now has openings for new pets.

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