Ever wonder why easyvet is so much more affordable than other veterinarians?

Other vets try to offer every service under the sun for all the different things your pet may need throughout their lives. Which ends up costing them a lot to operate their clinic. Which means they have to charge you more. But a big reason for why it costs so much to operate a vet clinic is tied to one small portion of their services – surgery. When you think about it, your pet may only need surgery once every few years – hopefully even less.

That’s why easyvet veterinarians refer you to a surgical specialist in those rare cases where surgery is needed. That way, we reduce our costs to run a clinic, and pass those savings on to you by charging less than everyone in town.

And without long surgeries filling up our schedules, easyvet veterinarians have the flexibility to allow you to walk right in anytime you need an urgent appointment. And that’s easyvet in a nutshell. Your affordable, convenient, neighborhood veterinarian.