Wellness Plans and Pet Packages to Save You Money

Choosing between a pet package and a wellness plan

What’s the difference?

Your vet can help determine whether a pet package or a wellness plan would be best for your pet. Both include all of the core vaccines that your pet will need to stay safe and healthy.

You’ll get the largest up front savings by going with a pet package. However, wellness plans allow you to split up your pet’s annual care into convenient monthly payments. Wellness plans are valuable throughout the year as you’ll receive unlimited free exams, 10% off additional services not included in the plan, and more. You can compare your pet package and wellness plan options below or ask your veterinarian for their recommendation.

Pet Packages

Save big with pet packages that bundle together all your essential, preventive services and provide deep discounts on services.

Great for puppies & kittens.

Wellness Plans

Split up annual services into small monthly payments with wellness plans that bundle together all your essential, preventive services.

Great for ensuring your pet is always healthy & covered.

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