Jackson Baldwin

Data and Analytics Lead /

Systems Admin

Having recently graduated from the University of Southern California (USC), Jackson brings passionate energy, positive attitude, and his years of leadership experience into his new role of Call Center Manager. Hailing from a unique academic background combining a hard science Major of Astronomy with the artistic Minor of Video Game Design and Production, he has since worked a variety of roles, including a Tutor, Coach, Producer, Barista and QA lead and he brings this unique perspective and vast experience of teaching, creating, and leading to the table.
Though still relatively new on the team, as the Manager of the rapidly growing easyvet call center, he works both from the frontlines answering calls directly as well as writing the scripts for, hiring, training, and well, managing our call center team. When not working, Jackson enjoys the company of his girlfriend, Alan, as well as his needy, formerly stray cat, Homie. He also embraces his education and, in his free time, is an avid star-gazer, a passionate gamer, and the DM for his multiple weekly sessions of Dnd.
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