Lauren Seeger

Project Director

From Pittsburgh, PA, Lauren has joined the easyvet team as a Project Assistant. Lauren has a wide-ranging skillset that spans multiple disciplines and is most proud of her 10-year experience as a practicing Mental Health Therapist. With a master’s degree in Counseling Education and an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Lauren has a mind for training, facilitation, and meeting people where they are.

Lauren has used her education in many ways and her career journey has taken her into Human Resources, Operations Management, Performance Management, and Employee Relations.

When not working to coordinate work initiatives, Lauren enjoys spending time with her two fur babies, Ricky Bobby and Delilah, as well as her husband, Mike. Lauren also likes to enjoy outdoor activities such as running and hiking. Both Lauren and Mike are taking on careers inspired to help pets and they motivate each other to be compassionate servant leaders to animals as well as their owners. Lauren is very excited to be a part of the easyvet team!

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